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Quicksave for Territorial Warfare


Saving a game in Territorial Warfare

Thanks to iMM72, i have looked into why quicksave, and save don't work in Territorial Warfare and found that if you make a folder called Saves in the main TW folder, and inside that folder put a file created with Notepad called, holder.txt you can now save your game. Open Notepad and type in it the word, holder. Save as holder.txt.
Now play a map and hit F5. You will get Game Saved at the top left of your screen. Hit Esc, and you get the picture below, click on SAVE.

You will get a choice to save as anything you like.

In your Saves folder you will now have your holder.txt, and whatever you saved it as and your Quicksave when you hit Save.

If you want to load your save, start the game and click on LOAD GAME.

You can now load Quicksave, or whatever you saved as, ie, round1.

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Published on: 2011-08-25 (687 reads)

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