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D-DAY3-to-Territorial Warfare   

D-DAY3-to-Territorial Warfare updated and repaired. Uploaded to Downloads/Files TW maps Page 2

KumaWarLeaninstall_Plus Maps   

The KumaWarLeaninstall_Plus Maps by King Donut has been updated with the new KumaWar.exe and several new weapons. All sniper rifles now zoom in and out including the SVD. Another new weapon is the AK74 and others.

In Downloads KumaWar maps Page 4

Return-to Pripyat-Kuma   

You have been dropped off at Yanov railway station near Pripyat. Hidden in this area are several weapons for you to collect before moving into Pripyat. Since the invasion of the ukraine there are Russian invaders in Pripyat. Your objective is to clear them out as best you can. Not an easy job. Collect any ammunition from the enemy. Watch out for snipers. The city is very overgrown which should give you good cover. Move out and keep clear of highly radioactive areas. Your geiger counter will warn you if you get too near. In Downloads/Files KumaWar maps Page 4

The Lost Tokarev   

The Lost Tokarev for LOSV is uploaded to LOSV MAPS Page 9 and was originally made in 2003 by i think, Beowolff who also made the Tokarev skins for the engraved Tokarev which this map is all about.

A very good map for the year it was made and shows the skill of Beowolff who made loads of skins for LOSV and DD2. The map was found in the form of The lost Nambu which was probably a conversion from the original LOSV version as the Tokarev cannot be used in DD2. Now converted back to LOSV.


You are on your own here, sent to clear remaining enemy from Toujane Tunisia.
Best of luck, move out.
You can have the German voices in this from the install folder and replace the LOSV voices after playing the map from the same folder
This is a mission and a deathmatch as well.
GI 15/06/17
Taken from Call of Duty 2 and rebuilt with 3ds max 8 to play in Line of sight Vietnam.

In FILES/Downloads LOSV MAPS Page 9

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